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A producer account

A producer account allows you to sell your music, instrumentals, audio book and audio contents on dudubeats while you earn per sales/downloads. The account will be opened on request and we reserve the right to open or delete accounts.

Submitting content  

Only audio contents are currently accepted on dudubeats.

Before content can be submitted, a producer account must be created.

to create a producer account please register or create a new account and send a request with your dudubeats username and email to requesting for account opening.

Dudubeats commissions

At dudubeats our goal is to make sure you earn as much as you can from your contents, therefore we offer you a low commission per high sales/downloads.

1-1000 downloads......50% comission
up to 5,000 downloads.....35% commission
up to 100,000 downloads.....20% commission
over 100,000 downloads....7.5% commission.


How we review music submissions

All submissions on dudubeats are thoroughly reviewed by our audio professionals to ensure our contents are of high quality and commercially viable, we reserve the right to accept or reject submissions. submissions may be rejected for the following reasons.

  • audio content is low quality, poorly mixed or poor arrangement.
  • content is not commercially viable, if we feel content does not meet the needs of dudubeats customers.
  • excessive loop or repetitive sound.
  • error in composition such as flat or off timing notes.
  • price of content is over valued.
  • similar content available for sale on dudubeats.
Please note your content must meet our requirements to be accepted

How You Get Paid 

We are currently working on a user dashboard where you can monitor and request your earnings real-time, but at the moment we offer you a quarterly report on sales on each submission on your request.

To receive your earnings, you would  be required to send your, username, e-mail and bank account details to, please note that your bank details must match the name used in creating your account on dudubeats.
Please note you will be credited the appropriate amount after our commission and tax has being deducted.

Customer Complaints

For customer complaints on downloads, earnings, please send a mail to